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Top 5 first food purée ideas

# Puréed avocado
# Mashed banana
# Pear and sweet potato purée
# Spinach and potato purée
# Stewed apple and pear purée

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Now that your baby is 5 months old, you may find that they can sit up quite well, and generally stay in one spot on the floor. All that is going to change over the next few months. Your baby will become mobile by crawling around the house, and when your baby takes their first step, there is no stopping them. While you still have them in one spot, it may be the perfect time to make sure your home, backyard, and car are child proof.

Have a look at our kids safety guide to ensure that furniture such as high chair, rocker and toy box are all safe for your baby. You’d be surprised how many places little fingers can get hurt in.

Since most accidents occur at home, and over half involve children under the age of 5, we have developed a great section on the website on ways to improve safety at home. This includes tips like making sure you thoroughly rinse bleach and other chemical residue away from any surface after cleaning, and put your cleaning tools well out of reach of children. Toilet brushes and cloths seem like great toys to most babies. Also, teach your child from an early age the words “hot”, “danger” , and “stop”. Use these words only when necessary so that they keep their importance. There are also great sections on the website on safety in the car, the outdoors, water safety, and sun protection.

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Introducing Solids

When is the right time to start a baby on solid food? In recent years, the recommended age to start solids is around 6 months. Up until then, breast milk or formula provides all of your baby’s nutritional requirements for growth. At around 6 months, the iron stores that your baby gained in uterus begins to run low, which is one of the reasons why solids are introduced at this time.

Be careful; don’t be tempted to start too early! Introducing solids too early can be a burden to an underdeveloped digestive system and may affect impairing maternal milk supply. Other concerns include increasing the risk of food allergies and exposure to bugs that may lead to diarrhoea and other gastric problems.

Making the decision to start is one thing, and getting a teaspoon of mushy food into your baby’s mouth is quite another. Given the amount of food that is likely to go in and stay in, your baby’s first food will not provide the main source of nutrients. Introducing solids around this time is to prepare your baby for new tastes, textures and different modes of feeding. There is an extensive ‘feeding your baby’ section on the Huggies site to help guide you through. This section gives a good overview of what is ahead. It covers everything from which food to start on, when to start, and includes information on early nutrition and lots of tips for food hygiene. Don’t forget to have your camera handy. There is nothing funnier than the look on a baby’s face when they try solid food for the first time.

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Baby sign language

Baby sign language is the practice of using simple sign language or gestures to assist parents, family and childcare workers to communicate with pre-verbal babies. You may find that you already use some basic sign language with your bub at home. The benefits of teaching your baby sign language are:
Reduce frustration levels for you and your baby
Stimulate and improve memory
Give you an insight into your baby's mind
Improve communication
Can accelerate speech process and much more

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# How to get started with baby sign language

Not many things are as frightening in life as a sick kid. If you are worried about your kid’s health, and he or she isn’t quite right, or has a temperature that you think is too high - don’t feel bad, or even hesitate to visit your hospital. They will never make you feel bad for being over protective or jumping the gun.

If you’re worried, go to your hospital or doctor - it's why they are there, and they’re happy to help.

Copy courtesy of Troy Jones from "Being Dad". To buy a copy of the Being Dad DVD visit the Huggies Book Club or to find out more about the DVD visit the Being Dad website.

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