Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bribie Island

Last 2 weeks, we went to Bribie Island, east coast beach and island of QLD. Here all the pictures we have when we get there.

This is in front of the main beach.

Take a look at another picture.

This is the beach. See, what a wonderful scenery from Allah to us. Subhanallah!!

Another picture!

Enjoy the scenery. This is at Redcliffe, Moreton Bay Jetty.

Before going back home, we stop at Brisbane look out, Mount Coo-Tha, Brisbane. This is the highest place to see Brisbane City at night and during Sunset. This is our second trip to Mount Coo-Tha. And this time, we've bought a sorvenir.

As usual, we DON'T LIKE fridge magnet. Why? Because we love to see our clean and clear fridge body . It's more calm and neat if like this:

See, only our photo on it, it's enough.

Happy reading and enjoy!

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