Wednesday, December 19, 2012

do you have enough?

Ask yourself, do you have enough?
Enough for what?


Yea, sometimes people will going crazy buying cloth nappy without thinking and asking, do i have enough for my baby?

Cloth nappy, actually, costly for the first time but save you most for the second and the after. More or less, it will save you more better than younuse diapers which you cannot reuse that.

Me also, want to try cloth nappy for my first but suddenly choked by looked at their prices. For the very famous brand, the price can go higher than 60dollar per pcs. I can't afford it.

By than, after read so much reviews by other parents in bubhub and product review in Australia, I get knowledge after this brand of cloth nappy, My Little Ripple. Buying their cloth nappy never get me wrong.

I don't have any issue with them. Lucky me, I bought for my second and I've got one insert broken . I just emailed them and post a picture. They sent me the new one, and it's free! No argue.

These are very cheap brand but they aren't nasty. You can have your value money after you realise how much more thousand million money you can save with cloth nappy and the very best cheaper brand. I am so much happy with that.

They are pocket nappies which makes them really easy to use and also makes them very daddy friendly. The expensive brands tend to have lots of layers and snap in flaps that all need to be in the right place, but pocket nappies are as easy as disposables. I washed them twice before using them and their absorbency is great. I have been using them at night with 2 inserts in them and they work really well. Haven't yet had a leak which is great. The PUL covers (which I thought may be a bit yucky since they are cheap) are really soft so they are nice against bub's skin. I have recommended these to all my friends who use MCNs. I definitely won't get any more of the expensive nappies again.

Love to have this cloth nappy and happy cause I don't have too much rubbish to put on our landfill.

Once again, Q, do you have enough? Don't be silly buying things that you never used or overuse it. Buy if its broken, buy it when your old nappy not absorb.

This thing is pretty expensive for the other brand. So, if we pladge for thr first time to save on money and not dumping much on our landfill, please guide yourself from wasting money on crazy hobby, buying cloth nappy without using it once!

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