Sunday, December 16, 2012

Noosa Heads, 15 Dec 2012

Yesterday, we went to the beach, AGAIN! This trip followed by more Malaysian friends and it's good to have along journey, together. About 6 families having a great holiday at Noosa Main Beach. As for Aina, she still can't adapt bathing in a sea! Aina cried when her feet touched the water. Fair enough, mummy is not having a great day when she get upset.

This is the photo for yesterday trip to Noosa.

1st place for yesterday trip, The Big Pineapple. There are lots of pineapple and also animal farm. Which is clearly known is the biggest plantation in Sunshine Coast. They got growers market and I think the prices areconsider cheaper than in store like Coles Or Woolworth. A plenty of veges and fruits. All sell by growers themselve. We have our morning tea at Turkish Delight. They have selected famous food by Turkish chef. Such as Gozlame and Turkish Pizza.

Here's Noosa Beach.

At Noosa Beach, we do surfing, swimming. Aina? Ergh, still cry because of scaredy sea.

Here is Noosa Beach photo. Nice wave and not too crowded. Surrounding by green bush and trees. Slow wind blowing for us yesterday. Nice to have this place for rest and weekend family picnic.

As usual, a nice and lovely gift for us, bought from emall sorvenir shop, a history book. And again, we don't like fridge magnet. :)

Last, as we having a lot of fun, we also saw an oz wedding. About 3 to 4 couples tied the knot and yes, beautiful bride and charming groom!

Its a such a good time!



  1. Hek elek tue le aina .ko dok jauh dgn laut.air laut pon takut...along n adik xtkt poon