Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wivenhoe Dam, 15 Dec, 2012

Forgot about this place we visit before we turn to The Big Pineapple.

This is called Wivenhoe Dam. Yes, there is no dam in the photo, because we stop before we reach at the dam. This is the lake. Big and scared lake for me. My mind cannot stop to think like a child, there is a monster down the lake!! It'll come and NGAP your legs!!

But, theres a lot of good scene from the lake, captured by my lovely cute husband. Enjoy!!

And, we have such a good time, together...

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  1. aku rs ade tuedlm tasik.cume ko beredar cepat ckit je monster tue nk kuar.mesti monster tueterkilan kome dh blah.kalo x mesti monster tueterkilan jugak sbb habuannyer xbanyak daging.kihkihkih